About the Green Center

The Colorado School of Mines Cecil H. & Ida Green Graduate and Professional Center is representative of the blending of humanity and technology. The facility is designed as a place for meetings, the arts, and a variety of receptions and banquets as well as a place for the study of science and technology.

The Green Center is perhaps one of the most unique buildings on the CSM campus. It also houses some 85,000 square feet of "public areas" comprised of two lecture halls, (Metals and Petroleum), reception halls (Friedhoff 1, 2 & 3), and an 1100 seat theater (Bunker Auditorium). Thus, the Green Center serves the CSM community as both a "community center" and an academic facility. 

Although the purpose of the academic areas of the Green Center is apparent, the role of the "public areas" is not. The following excerpt from the Green Center's dedication booklet gives some insight to role these areas would play:

“Some new buildings merely enlarge a campus, while others change it in a fundamental way…surely the Green Center is one of the latter kind. It was in fact envisioned to be such from its early concept in the minds of its donors as it was planned to include auditoria, classrooms and laboratories to enable its use as a campus and community center and a site for state and national professional conferences.”