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* Do you expect minors (under the age of 18 years) to attend your event? Note: If yes and the minors are other than enrolled Mines students, a Protection of Minors Event Form must be completed and returned to the Office of Compliance and Policy.)

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Be specific and include Event Name as advertised, type of activities planned (lecture, games; include type of games or activities) , number of expected attendees, and any other unique information such as the setup style of the event (theater seating, banquet style, exhibit etc.). If you are co-hosting this event with another organization, please provide all contact information for second party and relationship to the requestor. Be advised The Green Center does not provide computers of any kind, so plan on providing a laptop.
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 Campus groups that wish to use other areas of the Green Center should contact the following departments:

  • 2nd floor classrooms — contact the Registrar's Office (303-273-3200)
  • Ted Adams Room — call the Geophysics Department at 303-273-3450