Organizing for Distinction: Creating a 4th College/School
for Cross-Cutting Academic Programs and Initiatives?
Moderators: Ramona Graves and Jon Leydens – standing in for Kevin Moore

In two workshop sessions over 75 participants discussed ideas about organizational structures
that could enable and empower cross-cutting academic programs and initiatives, in support of
priorities articulated by the President.

During the workshop participants conducted a “build a new college” exercise in groups where
they organized a number of programs into one of the existing colleges, a new college, or under
the Provost. Interestingly, the outcomes of this exercise were similar to organizational
structures proposed through several months of discussion between the Deans , the Provost, the
President, and approximately 40 faculty members on campus. Those possible models included:

1. Administrative College Model (shown below)
 Puts Engineering & Society into CECS and leave HASS in CERSE
 Moves cross-cutting programs to a “University Programs College”
2. Middle-Ground Model (shown below)
 Puts Engineering & Society and HASS into the new college as separate departments
 Moves most other pieces to the new college; moves some to Provost
Some new ideas that arose in the models proposed during the exercise, different from the
models above, included:

 Leave HE and HASS in CERSE as separated programs
 Move International Programs to CERSE
 Move the AMS Learning Center to CASE (by implication, move AMS to case?)
 Move CS to CASE
 Move EPICS/BSE/Design Education under Provost

Beyond these, the models suggested by workshop participants are (generally slight) variations
on the themes of the two models below.