This check list wil help ensure that you have completed everything
necessary to file your appeal. Please take a minute to go through it.

Read the directions attached to the appeal form!

Describe the actions being appealed or disputed.

Note the date you received verbal or written notice of the action.

Attach a copy of the written notice you received on the action you are
appealing (or explain why you cannot do so.)

If you retain an attorney as legal representative provide the attorney’s
name and contact information as required.

Check all boxes that apply to you in your appeal or dispute.

If you are filing a “whistleblower” appeal attach a separate complaint
form available at the State Personnel Board offices or on the SPB
web site

SIGN the appeal form.

Hand deliver or mail a complete copy of your appeal to “Respondent”
noted in item #3.

Keep a copy of your appeal for your own records.