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Green Center Photo Gallery - Bunker Auditorium

Bunker Auditorium is the home to an Allen 4 manual digital pipe organ for use by select groups

A view of Bunker Auditorium from the stage. Bunker main floor capacity is 1,100 seats, making it the largest auditorium in Jefferson County.

One of the two dressing rooms provided with Bunker Auditorium. Each dressing room has three make-up stations and two wardrobe racks.

Outside of the the dressing rooms provided with Bunker Auditorium

A view of the stage in Bunker Auditorium with the Allen Pipe Organ.

For a modest fee, we can customize your event by projecting your logo onto either the stage marble, or the brick side walls. This adds class to any event.

Available Only for Summer Events, we Can Open the two Bunker Auditorium Balconies for additional seating. Each Balcony Can Seat up to 115 Persons. Total capacity with both balconies in addition to the main floor is raised to 1,430 seats.

Bunker Auditorium Stage Plot showing theatrical curtain placement.

Photo of Irwin "Comet" Theater Seats and carpeted Aisles.

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